Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun at the Carnival!

We had been getting Dani excited about the Carnival and using it to bribe her to do things for about 4 days. She was super excited about the Ferris wheel because she had seen them in a couple of her books and never been on one. We left Emily and Abby home with my sister and took Dani on a special date with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.
These 2 little girls took Heston for the ride of his life! He wasn't planning on spinning the dragon but they spun it the entire time!
He felt a little queasy after the ride was over!
Dani had so much fun at the Carnival!


Maranda Whittle said...

It looks like Dani had a lot of fun! Poor Heston, I would have thrown up!
Thanks for letting me hold Emily. She's so sweet!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

How sweet that you guys were able to take Dani to a carnival. I love carnival rides and how fun that your parents were their. I am sure Dani enjoyed spending time with the family.

Carla said...

Melissa! Did you honestly just have a baby?! For heavens sake... you look AMAZING!!!! I can not get enough of your new picture at the top! So stinkin cute!

Mary Ann said...

You are a nice mom.. my kids wanted to go there, but I wouldn't stop. You look amazing and your sweet Emily (and your other girls) are so stinkin cute!

Luke & Erica said...

I love your family picture and all the matching bows. Too cute. That first pic you have of the carnival is a great pic. You have an awesome camera.

triplethreat said...

Looks like wayyyy to much fun. Love the pic of grandma laughing or screaming!