Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dani's Trip to the Tucson Hospital.

Our little Dani has been through a lot in the past couple of weeks. She started out getting pink eye and a double ear infection. then a couple of weeks later her eye turned pink again so we started giving her drops again. On the last day of her drops her eye started to get swollen. I gave her benedryl and called the Doctor. They told me that if it gets worse or turned red that I should take her in to the hospital. We went to the park and came home and that night her eye started to get red and more swollen. Abby was already in bed so Heston took Dani to the ER and I stayed with Abby. He called me from the hospital and told me that they were going to give her an IV and do a CT scan to make sure that the infection wasn't behind the eye by the nerve. I was going crazy not being there so we called his mom and asked her to come to the house to be with Abby so I could go. His dad came too and took me to the hospital. Heston and his dad gave her a blessing and we went in to get the ct scan. She had to hold very still or they would have had to give her a sedative. She was a champ! She held perfectly still! The results came back and showed that she had a bad sinus infection but luckily the eye infection hadn't gone behind the eye yet. They finally decided that they wanted her under the care of a Pediatrician so they sent us to Tucson after they gave her a dose of antibiotics.
When we got to the hospital an ENT came to check her. I told him about her history of ear infections and he said that we should put tubes in her ears since her last ear infection didn't go away with the antibiotics. He scheduled us for the next morning. Heston went back to work that night and I stayed with Dani.
Her eye had swollen completely shut by then but she still managed to watch movies and play like a happy little kid. What a trooper!
We had a dinner picnic with Dad before he left that night.
Dani loved putting the TV speaker right by her ear.
Her eye started to improve by the next day with the strong antibiotics.
Dani was very happy when they un-hooked her IV. She loved being able to run around again. The nurses let her feed the fish.
Dani's favorite play house.
Playing outside was her favorite thing to do. She woke up every morning begging to go outside. The morning of her surgery she asked if she could go outside and I told her that after she breathed in the mask and when she woke up she could go outside. When she came out of anesthesia she was crying like crazy saying that she wanted to go outside. She cried and cried until they brought our wheelchair to take us back to our room. Then we went straight outside and she was as happy as can be!
Dani painted thank you notes for all of the nice nurses.
Ready to go home!


Castle Family said...

Wow! What an ordeal! I'm glad she's doing better. What a little trooper.

Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

what a brave little girl. you are probably exhausted, quite a nice little transition to the new little one! hope everything goes well in the next few weeks.

Reese said...

That must have been so scary, to say the least! I'm glad she's feeling better, and hope that you recover from it all in time to get to the hospital yourself! :) Get some rest!!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

How sad:(. I didn't realize it was that bad....her poor eye end ears. It doesn't look like it was very fun, although the toys sure do. What a wonderful hospital for kids:). Sorry you didn't get much sleep on the chair in the hospital and happy to hear she's doing better.

Stacy, Trae, and Parker said...

Oh my goodness I have not been looking at blogs lately. Bless little Dani's heart. Her eye looked like someone socked her! What a brave little girl.