Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

Dani had fun coloring eggs with her Grandpa and Leah on Friday night. She was super excited because the Easter Bunny was coming in the morning!
Leah made some really fun eggs!
Lacie and Sam came for Easter and got to meet little Emily for the first time.
Branson got to meet Emily too!
Tara actually came a couple of weeks earlier but I had to put this picture of her meeting Emily on too!
The Easter Bunny makes special eggs with the girls names on them and then he hides their baskets. (a Stahlecker tradition)
Leah found her basket!
Abby found some eggs!
Emily was extremely excited to find her basket!
A fun family from our ward does an Easter Egg Hunt at their house in a hay barrel maze every year! The girls had so much fun hunting eggs and looking at all of their cool animals.
Dani was so brave and let the bird sit on her shoulder. She LOVES animals!
Dani still talks about this cow on a pretty regular basis. It left an impression when it rammed the gate and scared the pants off of her!
Abby kept trying to climb in with the chickens and roosters.
We spent way too long frosting these cookies but it was fun!
Abby loves to feed people!
Grandma time!
The kids table at the Easter picnic that had to be inside because it was too cold and windy for our new babies.
Abby showing off her pink hair extension that her daddy got her on ebay since she has a little addiction to rubbing long hair in her ear while she sucks her thumb.
Emily's wide eyes!
Chowing down!
The kids table!


Hadley Family Clan! said...

What a fun Easter weekend you had! It looks like your girls enjoyed finding eggs at the farm. I love your adorable family picture and a sneak peak at the girls dresses on Easter Sunday. I am excited to see pictures of Emily's blessing. Your family is so cute and I love all the cute bows. How fun that your family was visiting too.

carol said...

your girls look really cute! i love them finding the eggs in they hay and your easter cookies look amazing - how long did it take you to frost those things - sheesh :)

carol said...
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Hadley Family Clan! said...

I just recognized Abby's Hair extension! That's too funny and what a great idea!

charonfamily said...

Your little family is darling. Hey did you ever sell your house up here?

Luke & Erica said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love how cute your little girlies are!!!