Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sneaky little girl!

Dani is getting to be quite the sly little girl. On Friday night Heston and I put her down for the night and we started to watch season 1 of "LOST" (We never watched it on TV and I will have to admit that I am a TOTAL addict now!) Anyway, at about 11:30pm Heston said "did you hear that?" I thought that he was just trying to freak me out because he knows that I get all jumpy during movies like that. He paused the movie and said "Dani?" only to hear a little voice reply "I waked up daddy". She really had never gone to sleep! She was upstairs for about 3 hours just doing whatever she pleased! I went up to check out the damage and lucky for us, it was minimal. She had gotten into the drawer of stickers and stuck them all over my bow making box. She took all of my bow stuff out but she put it all back in the box too. She was mostly reading books and playing with her kitchen in her room.

Then, this morning at about 6:00am I woke up to her slamming my bedroom door. I went out to find her with her PJ's off and her princess shirt (that was hanging in her closet) half way on. The TV was on and she was just hanging out watching TV. Who knows for how long.

When I tried to take a picture of her she said "No momma, don't take a smile!"

She made this piece of art out of the crust of her toast (which she refuses to eat as much as I try to convince her that it's yummy) Sh said "look mom, it's a elephant" then she made the elephant noise making her arm into a trunk.


Morris said...

hey melissa its ashley(jakes wife) i was using scrapblog and i couldnt get it to post right into my header. having any tips? im not sure what im doing wrong. thanks!

Jami said...

HA HA HA. Dani cracks me up!!!! You gotta hand it to the girl at least putting the bow stuff back and then getting herself "dressed" in the morning. The elephant toast was so cute too! :0)

She's growing up so fast. "Don't take any smiles, Mom". Love it! ;0)

wendy said...

Dani has got some spunk! The "elephant" art work was so funny! Get that girl some different colored puddings and let her go to town!