Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Family drive

We have been taking quit a few little nature drives lately. It is so beautiful here and we figure since we are not finding a job here that we probably won't have very much longer to enjoy it. We always tell Dani to look out of the window and try to find a deer like Bambi. She is very disappointed when she doesn't see one. Now, almost every time that we get in the van she says "let's go find some deer"!! Usually we have to tell her that the deer are sleeping and she still insists that we try to find them.
So, we took a little drive over to Mormon Lake and Lake Mary on Friday evening. Heston brought his binoculars because there are usually elk around the lake. We saw a big heard and so we pulled off of the road so Heston and Dani could scope them out. Hopefully this will fulfill her "deer" needs for awhile.

Dani really enjoyed the lake. She kept trying to walk right into the water. She found a fishing bob and she kept throwing that and rocks into the lake. She really didn't want to get back into the car.

Abby, as always, was just as happy as can be!


Jami said...

Could Abby look anymore like you? I'm so jealous of your gene victory! HA HA HA. And her bow is ADORABLE with all the buttons sewn on! And Dani, as usual is hilarious with the deer and lake. I'm sure you loaded her into the car kicking and screaming. ;0)

Mike said...

The landscape up there is just awesome...I'm so jealous you have all of that great natural ponderosa beauty just outside of (and at times in) the city. Northern Arizona really has quite the composition.