Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Labor Day Camping

We spent Labor Day camping with Hestons family. Heston purchased a HUGE tent for us to start using when we camp and it was wonderful! His sister Tara calls it "Hotel Heston". We got a heater to put in it and Heston brought a bucket (which he filled with dirt) and a toilet seat that he put on top of the bucket for my 3+ nightly potty runs. He is so sweet and thoughtful. It was so cold outside and it would have been miserable to go outside so much during the night. Dani thought that she was pretty big this trip. She tried to go off exploring the outdoors by herself a lot. She did a lot of tripping and getting dirty. That's what the mountains are for right! We played some fun softball with Hestons siblings and cousins. I played 1st base and had someone run for me since the base line consisted of some pretty rough terrain and there was a lot of tripping going on. At the end of our game it started getting very cloudy and misty and it rained a little bit but other then that we had beautiful weather all weekend. We had a church meeting as a family on Sunday. Hestons dad gave the lesson and we sang songs and had some other thoughts given. It was fun. Dani liked it a lot better then real church cause she got to walk around the fire and drink juice with grandma. Dani and Sophie got to take baths every night, unlike the rest of us who just had to pile the deodorant on and hope we didn't smell too disgusting. Dani loved the little bath in the trailer! We had to bundle our little bear up at night because it got really cold in our tent even with the heater. Dani loved the little puppy that Tara is holding. She would get all giddy when she saw it. It was a cute little pup! Dani entertained herself for long periods of time by opening and closing the trailer door and saying "hi" and "bye-bye". She thought that it was the greatest game ever! She fell asleep in the swing 3 different times. She wanted to go-go-go up there and I guess the swing had the trick of putting her to sleep. I tried to put her down for naps a couple of times in the tent and she could hear the other kids outside so she just kept saying "kids.....doing?" Let's just say she didn't end up going down for the naps. Dani loved to play in the "tractor". Every time that she spotted it she would start running over to it saying "tractor" She sat and played in it for a half an hour at a time. Grandma showed this rock that was covered with moss to Dani and she said "broccoli"!

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Hadley Family Clan! said...

Oh my goodness! I love your picture slide show. You did a great job girl and way to figure out how to do it.