Monday, September 17, 2007

Hot Stuff!

Dani thought that she was so Big walking around in her moms shoes after church on sunday.
Dani played peek-a-boo with her messy hands and made it that much more fun for her mom to clean her up after lunch. Good thing she is so cute!
Dani lets us know when she is done eating and if we don't get her out quickly she yells "all done! all done! all done!"

Dani and Sophie wearing another cute outfit that grandma bought them.


ThePainterClan said...

What a pretty girl! She's getting so much more adorable every time I see her. Lovely little angel.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Oh my gooness the girls look darling. I love the colors of their outfits and even their black shoes are too cute! I wonder if Dani needed a bath after she played peek a boo with her saucey hands.

Mary Ann said...

Dani is too stinkin cute!! I love diaper pictures. They are the best! :) Hope you are feeling well!

ThePainterClan said...

thank you for such a sweet message on my blog.....shall I add the Hallelujah chorus also to my tunes? haahaahaa