Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dani's latest adventures

Dani has had a hard time sleeping for the past week or so. I have had to put her down for her naps 2 days this week on our bed. I make a pillow cage since she is the wildest sleeper and I don't want her to fall off of our very tall bed in her sleep. She fell asleep with her little kitty the other day. So cute!

Dani helped her mom make bread. Her mom said she was done when she somehow got dough all over the rug and herself. She kept saying "dirty".

Dani loves to put shoes on. She does it all day long. She comes to me and says "shoes on" so I have to get her some shoes to wear. She found these and went ahead and put them on the wrong feet. She gets the right feet about 75% of the time. She also loves to go to my closet and bring my shoes to me and say "momma, shoes on". So I have tried most of my shoes on many times in the last couple of weeks. They all still fit. By the way Paul and Alissa, Dani found Gracies other shoe :)


Mary Ann said...

I deleted my own comment below, because I accidently posted it twice... anyways Dani is too cute. I love the pics of her with the apron. Hope you are feeling good and that we run in to each other soon!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I love the pictures of Dani in the kitchen. She is so adorable and is going to be a great cook just like her mommy. I love your new heading with your pictures too. Way to go Melissa! Your blog is just way too cute for me:)

Lopez-kids said...

The shoes is sooo Julia too! In fact, I have a photo collection of Julia wearing shoes that I am going to scrapbook someday! :-) I love your blog look! So cute!