Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to DANI !!!!!!

Dani Dooskie turned 4 years old on February 15th! We had a FUN day going to the snow with the Welker's. Dani is in heaven when she's playing in the snow. her favorite thing to do is to eat the snow clean or dirty. (I made sure that she didn't eat any yellow snow although all of the girls took their turn making yellow snow) Here She is in the van on the way up the mountain.
Here is her crazy sister Abby. I asked her what she was eating and she sure showed me her valentine chocolate!
Here are the little marshmallow babies!
Grandma was so kind to take care of these little munchkins while the rest of us played and tubed. Thank you again Grandma!
Cold Kisses!
Dani getting ready to go down all by her self! Sweet little Emmie.
Daddy's girl.
Happy as can be!
We had hot chocolate afterward. Dani has a hot coco smile!
Abby camped out with the bag of Cheetos!
We wore them out!!! sleepy little Cheetos faces!
Emmie didn't quite finish her Cheetos.
When we got home the girls woke up and were SUPER GROUCHY! Their daddy gave them a warm bath and got them pshcyed about the big party. Dani was really excited when she saw her cake!
Heston has been telling Dani stories about Puff the magic dragon every night for the past several months. She is obsessed with these stories and I will agree after sitting in on a couple of them, they are very entertaining!
Her daddy takes her to the land of Honalee and you should see this little girl's face as she listens to these stories! If she falls asleep before she gets her "Puff story" she has been known to wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 am. and wake her daddy up insisting that he tell her one right then! And of course her daddy does. What a guy! Dani and her "Puff" cake! Dani tried to blow her candle out 3 times and Abby kept beating her to it. She finally got to blow her own candle out. Her wish..... "to be a princess and dance all night long with a prince" YIKES!! Time to start encouraging cars, tractors, ball games, Dora, or even Barney for that matter. She's a little bit too young for these thoughts. I mean come on - I made her a dragon cake why didn't she wish for a ride on Puff the magic dragon or something??Emily loved the balloons.
Dani didn't want to wear her crown so her daddy got to! Emily and Lillie climbed up to the kids table to eat with their sisters.


Sarah Pace said...

Happy Birthday Dani!! She is such a cutie!

Looks like you guys had alot of fun in the snow!

Amy said...

Cute cake! You are a professional!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Happy Birthday Dani!! Looks like a really fun party spent with family:). I love all the great snow pictures and your so talented with your cake. I love Dani's outfit and flower then again I would only expect the cutest coming from you:).