Friday, January 1, 2010

White Christmas in Colorado! (The "mile high" post)

On the Airplane!!!!!!!! Dani has been anticipating this for quite some time!Sidney's first flight!
Heston looks like he had a couple of drinks on the flight..... Sorry Hest, Abby looks really cute in this picture so I had to put it on :)
Grandma met us at the gate.
Riding the train.
Abby and Grandma on the train.
The whole crew!
10 kids under the age of 6!!! ........Makes for some crazy timesMy brothers and sister.Abby found the towel cabinet ! Dani with Uncle Nate.
Tyson and Dani!
The kids at Tyson's preschool Christmas program.
Grandpa time!
Abby fell asleep at the table.
beautiful Sidney!
Abby's favorite crazy booger face!
Movie time!
Lunch time!
Three baby girls!
We found Dani asleep on the couch like this one night. She LOVES Grandma's stuffed animals!
Grandma and Grandpa took all of the kids caroling to their neighbors.
Silly little girls!
So happy to be reading scriptures!
Happy Sidney.
Baby time.
Story time.
Baby Sophia.
Cute Emily!
Three little cousins!
Dani had so much fun Feeding the birds and Squirrels with Grandpa. She constantly kept her eye out for them and loved watching them eat.
Lucky girls got some cookies!
They are out!!!!!!
Monica and the babies.
Sweet Sidney with her mommy!
These Girls love each other!
Christmas Eve dinner.
The little kid's table.
Meet some of the Nativity cast............................... All of the children did a beautiful job of acting out the Nativity scene. It was really sweet, they did a great job! Dani and Abby chose the difficult role of "cow" and "sheep"
Watch out for that little lamb Mary!
The angel
Love those lips!!!!
Heston made pipe chimes and we all played Christmas songs! It was so much fun.....Thanks Hest - You're the BEST!
Getting ready to open PJ's!
Matching Jammies
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily was the first one awake! No sleeping in with this little "elf" around!
The excitement is radiating!
Wide - eyed!
Waiting to see if Santa came!
Emily loved the sippy cup that Santa gave her!
Abby showing Grandma and Grandpa her doll.
Princess in boots!
The 50 cent magnifying glass wins the prize for DANI'S FAVORITE CHRISTMAS PRESENT!! last look at the tree!
Sidney with her daddy.
Anna loved Abby's baby doll.
Playing "Kitty"
Story time with Adam.
Sophie, Emily, and Sidney.
Abby and Mikey.
Monica and Emmie.
The kids helped Grandpa make HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!!!
The train ride to catch our flight back to "real life"! Here we come.........
When we got home the girls found another gift from Santa waiting at our house. A fun Doll house! The "elves" put it together while we were in Colorado. We also opened gifts with the Welkers. Hestons amazing mom made all of us girls the cutest matching aprons and a bib for Emily! Thanks for such a great Christmas everyone!


Maranda Whittle said...

What great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

carol said...

ok i love all the pictures! love the big family shot and the colors you guys picked. how fun that they all got to have a big slumber party together! what a great christmas!

happy new year!

Deanne Wahl said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. Your girls are adorable! Way to go on taking so many pics.

David and Tia Palmer said...

What a fun trip! Glad you made it back-and what cute pictures! You have such an adorable family! I'm completely amazed at how cute(& matching) your girls always look!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Melissa, you have got to tell me where you get the cute bows and things for the girls hair. And the matching outfits! Fill me in!


What a great Christmas! I'm so glad we had so much time to spend together! Thanks for being the best sister ever!! Love you

Amy said...

Loved all your pictures, You have such beautiful girls!

Stacy, Trae, and Parker said...

Looks like so much fun and those family pictures are soooo cute! Your matching girls make me want a ton of girls!

Turley fam said...

Looks like it ws a very memorable trip! Thanks for sharing. Love all the matching outfits, you are so cute Melissa! What a fun Mom you are.