Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Price is Right

It has been my life -long dream to go on the "Price is Right". I felt pretty satisfied after I got called to "come on down" last night at our Relief Society meeting. Then, with the help on my brilliant sister-in-law Amanda I guessed the price of the Eucerine cream and got called up on the stage to meet BETTY BARKER and give her a big hug! Then to top it all of I got to play PLINKO and I WON!!!!!!!! Mom got called up too and she got to play golf with a super short putter!
Well done Relief Society women! My life-long dream has been fulfilled! (kind of :)


Judi said...

Awesome! We finally have a celebrity in the family!

Maranda Whittle said...

That was a fun night! You had me cracking up, you are so funny!

Joel and Lisa Wagenman said...

LOVE your t-shirts! That looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to do a price is right night with the YM/YW in our ward but it just seems like a lot of work. Whoever did the cliff hanger and plinko board is a hard core PIR fan!

David and Tia Palmer said...

You gals are so dang hilarious! Thanks for making it such a fun night! :)