Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Abby and Grandma!

Abby turned 2 on November 14th and Grandma Welker turned "39" on the 15th. We had a combined birthday dinner party for the two of them. Unfortunately all three of the girls had pink-eye so the cousins didn't get to come for the festivities.
Abby was so excited that it was her Birthday! She kept saying "my balloons", "my presents", "my cake!" We are all so excited to have a little TWO year old with a mind of her own!
And no, I did not make the balloon arch. Amanda and some of the Young Women made it for a young women in excellence and I asked them if I could use it. Thanks, it went perfectly with the rainbow theme :)
Tara and Jarom at the Birthday dinner.
Great Papa!
Abby sleeps with her pony or baby doll with hair every night so that she can twirl the hair in her ear while she sucks her thumb. She is rather fond of the ponies so I decided to make her a pony cake. She loved her "sparkly rainbow pony!"
Blowing the candles out!
More blowing! Grandma got some help. (and a little bit of granddaughter spit)
We all pitched in and got mom a porch swing!
Abby got play food from Grandma and Grandpa Colorado for the kitchen. She wanted to sit and spoon-feed Emily her fake hamburger bun.
Dani was all over helping Abby open presents!
Grandma and Papa gave Abby this cute little shopping cart and a little Cinderella doll with a matching nightgown. Great-Grandma and Papa Howard gave her the sparkly princess shoes. This little girl is in heaven! Who needs Christmas now?????
Rocking her baby in her nightgown.
Putting the baby to sleep.
Some fun Abby videos!!


Judi said...

Absolutely Adorable and what a way to make Grandma and Grandpa laugh themselves silly! Man, she so dang cute!!!!!

Luke & Erica said...

Honestly Melissa, I just think you are amazing. I think I need to take MOM 101 from you. Great Balloon rainbow!

Maranda Whittle said...

Happy birthday, Abby! Now both are babies are two! Hard to believe they weren't even walking when they had their 1st kiss!

Lopez-kids said...

Happy Birthday Abby!! No way you will be the "forgotten middle child" with a sweet little face like that!!

Sarah Pace said...

what a cute lucky little girl! Happy birthday Abby!

carol said...

ok she is the happiest 2 year old ever! i love it!! happy birthday abby!!