Monday, June 1, 2009

Videos for "Grandma and Grandpa Colorado"

****Pause the music at the very bottom before you watch these.

I know that it is killing my mom and dad that they can't see their little grand daughters take all of the new little steps in their lives. Here are some videos of the girls where we have captured some of their latest tricks.

  • Abby is so full of it right now! She has the cutest little voice and she is talking so well. She still LOVES baby Emily! She loves to try to shove her "pacie" in her mouth all day long! She is always very concerned if she sees the pacifier out of Emily's mouth. She has the funniest "scared" face. (I'll have to catch it on video sometime) She calls her belly button her "muh-muh". She always smiles big and says "cheese" when she sees the camera unlike her big sister who usually runs at first sight of the lens. She is always cracking Heston and I up!
  • Dani likes to make up words to songs. As you will see in this video....She totally knows the words to "I am a Child of God" but she really didn't want to sing here so she made up a quick ending. She is so funny and cute! She rambles on and on talking non-stop all day telling stories. She always starts with "remember when....yester-night"!!! She loves everything with princesses on it. She insists on wearing her princess attire and I usually let her unless we are going somewhere - due to the fact that the only princess clothes that she owns are pj's or shirts that are 2 sizes too small. (like the one she is wearing in the video :)
  • Emily is really starting to smile and "coo" we didn't catch any of her best smiles but this will give you an idea. We can't wait to see you guys in a couple of months!

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The Haban Family said...

These are so sweet! I love her made up ending to 'I Am a Child of God'! TOO cute!!

Remind me again where in Colorado you're from???