Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A "crazy picture-taking mom" + 3 cute little girls = TONS of pictures!

Holding Tiffany's turtle.
Dani and Sophie went outside to run through the sprinklers. They decided to roll in the sand and dump it in each other's wet hair instead. Dani loves to read with Grandma!
Dani is super excited to make cookies with aunt Tiffany!
Dani showing off her homemade hat.
In a fierce pillow fight with her dad.
A rhino ride with Grandma Howard and Sophie.
Trying to be like dad! Reading on the pot.
Pushing her babies around in the bassinet. (one is real)
Dani fell asleep like this.
On the Rhino with Papa.
Playing games at Story time.
She threw the ring on to the bottle! Everybody was impressed. I'm pretty sure that she is "gifted!"
Cool shades!
Riding bare back!
Her sister taught her how to eat tomatoes.
Happy to get dirty doing crafts!
Abby got bit by a boy!
Always trying shoes on!
Dani thought Abby was hungry so she pulled a pound of tukey meat out of the fridge and put it on her tray.
Permanent marker everywhere!
Taking a walk in daddy's shoes.
Always climbing.
Loves water.
Starting to use the potty.
She's so cute and squishy!
Laying down by her cousin.
Poking her toes through the blanket that Dani put on her.
She's a stomach sleeper!
With cousin Lillie.
Holding her pacifier in while she sleeps.
More smiles!
"Don't look at me!"


Turley fam said...

You certainly have your hands full but what fun you will have over the years to come. Enjoy every minute.


It's a good thing you take so many pictures! The girls are so cute! They will love to look through all the pictures you have taken when they are older.