Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving Again!!!

Heston starts his job at Eastern Arizona College on July 1st.

Anyone want to buy a house in Flagstaff? HA! HA!

The girls got to go swimming with their uncles in Mesa. Dani was loving all of the attention. Abby is a little fish. She is happy as can be in the water.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Ben.

Uncle Branson.

Aunt Tiffany was on "wedgie patroll" none of the uncles wanted to mess with that!

I went to Paige with Heston's mom and the girls to visit Heston's aunt and uncle and their 2 daughters. We had a lot of fun and we are sad that we won't be living this close to them for very much longer. It was Brylie's 8th birthday and we got to go to her baptism.

After the baptism we all went swimming. Dani had a blast!

So did Abby!

What a lady! Jumping on the trampoline with her great-grandkids at the age of 83!!!

Dani got a haircut from aunt Linda.

Abby got a popcicle.....

....and a spoon

PJ fun with the cousins!


carol said...

oh man I hate moving. good luck with the move i hope it all goes well :)

Anonymous said...

It must be the season....we're moving too! Just within the same town though, not far. But ugh, moving seriously sucks....I don't know how you guys have done it so much! hope everything goes smoothly for you!!!! =)

Jami said...

I wish I lived in Flagstaff so I could buy your house!!! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE (at least what I've seen from over here in internet land). What a fun adventure for you and Heston to embark on. If only you had a magic wand to pack up all of those boxes for you. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Sharr said...

it's about time you showed up little missy! thatcher.... sounds like a good place to visit--make sure you have an extra room :o) i'm trying to remember if that's where all of heston's family is from?? that would be nice- swing by on your way down :O) lol... i sure miss you little missy! give your girls a big squeeze from me :O)

Susanne ~ Mike ~ Easton said...

Didnt you just get to flagstaff, and build that beautiful home? What is Heston gonna do for EAC? You're gonna love living in the Gila Valley!!! I would move back in a hot second!!!

Kimberly said...

CRAZY!!! Amy and I were going to plan a time to come see you in July up in Flag. after she gets home from Alaska, but I guess that's not going to happen. That came up too fast. Good luck with the move. I hope it all goes well.

The Reese Family said...

I was wondering where you've been! Busy packing, that's never fun. But at least you know that you'll be near your great in-laws. And buy a nice house since you'll never move away from there ;) Love ya & call me when you get a few minutes!

Sarah Lew said...

Maybe you'll get to meet MORE of my family! My aunt and uncle (Wick and Lynn Lewis) just moved there too and their daughter, my cousin (Rachel Peck). But maybe you already knew them because they used to live in Flagstaff. Good luck with the big move!

wendy said...

You will sorely missed here in flag!

Mowers Family said...

Hi guys,

Just peeking in to seeking how your cute family is doing. Yeah, I seeing that you guys are moving to Thatcher. We are so excited for your family. I think it is a great place to call home. Your house is so beautiful I don't think you will have a problem selling it. Good luck on the move and I hope all goes well. Oh, and what will Heston be doing for EAC college? Will he get to work with Trae? If so that would be cool. Oh and your girls are so dang cute. Smiles.