Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daddy's girl!

Our little carnivore. If any of you know Heston you know what a meat lover he is. He is always trying to figure out a way to get his hands on some meat.

Well, his little girl is taking after her dad in the meat area of life. When she was first saying sentences we were sitting at the dinner table as a family. I had some bacon sitting there that I had made to break up and put on the salad. Heston and I were just talking about our days when all of a sudden Dani yells "I need some bacon!"

Another case; I scheduled Dani's 18 month doctors appointment right around lunch time and I didn't feed her before it. When we were waiting for the Dr. in the room I could smell somebody's lunch. Next thing I know, Dani starts saying "I need some meat." I told her that we were going to eat lunch after the Dr. came in but that didn't do. When the nurse came back in she asked her for meat and when the Dr came in she asked her for meat too. They were all cracking up saying that they had never heard a kid so young asking for meat like that. Her daddy was proud when I told him about his little meat eater.


the Painters said...

Hahah "I need some meat". that is so cute! Way more advanced than Alec. He calls every meat "salami".
Your girls are just getting cuter and cuter by the second. is it possible for them to get any more adorable? beautiful. I love Hesto making dinner with Dani watching. Such precious little daddy daughter moments. I miss you Melly.

Sharr said...

what a beautiful family! love the americana blog :o) i'm such a sucker for the 4th of july! :O) i love freedom, i love "liberty" lol... i love red white and blue and i love that song on your blog too! makes me dang near cry every time i hear it!

i can't believe how big dani is getting! it's just not right-- she should be abby's size still! :oP tell her to stop growing up!