Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Our little princess handed candy out to the kids when they came trunk-or-treating.

Heston and I were "crazy hair people" due to the fact that we really didn't have costumes and Melissa forced Heston to kind of dress up. (He took it off after about 10 min. he was worse than Dani with her princess hat!)

Sophie and Dani, the witch and the Princess. Dani was super excited to see Sophie at the party.

Dani kept "twinkling" sophie with her magic wand.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

Dani looks beautiful! I love her costume and she is just a precious princess. She really is darling. You should've had Heston be a cloud and you could be a rain:)...from way back when:) Then you could spray him! You all look great and Happy Halloween!

Mary Ann said...

Dani is the cutest princess! I love the pics. That is so fun that you live so close to Dustin and Amanda!

the Painters said...

Melissa I almost dies when I saw these pictures for 3 reasons. #1) Dani is a precious precious little girl. So beautiful and such a cute little pink princess. #2) Heston looks like one of the Jackson 5 and one that killed me the most was #3) THAT IS THE SAME EXACT RASTA WIG YOU WORE AT THE HALLOWEEN WHEN YOU AND HESTON FIRST STARTED DATING!!!! Remember? We were all at the Institute and Amy was Rapunzel and we were hanging out and you were a knight I think and were wearing that wig!