Thursday, August 23, 2007

18 months old!

We got Danis 18 month pictures taken by a lady in our ward. She was in a pretty serious mood so the smiles didn't flow quite as much as we would have liked but we thought they turned out pretty darn cute anyway.

Our little Baker tried to measure everything correctly.

Doh!!! It was only supposed to be 9 cups of flour! Oh well, it still tastes pretty yummy!


Melissa said...

Those are such cute pictures. Looks like you've got a little model on your hands!

Becky Porter said...

She's absolutely darling!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Oh my goodness!!! Way too cute for me. I LOVE the pictures and I wouldn't expect any less from your little girl to cook just like her mommy:) You are the BEST cooker!

Leah & Mike said...

This pictures are awesome. I love the black and white with added color. Dani is so cute. Do you have a name for the next little girl yet?