Thursday, March 1, 2012

Joyous January!

January was kind of a crazy month for the Welker's. We were trying to get moved in to our unfinished house, Heston was still totally sleep deprived and we were pretty overwhelmed by the work that still needed to be done. The girls still found plenty of ways to have fun and entertain themselves in the middle of all of the chaos.... actually they probably made most of the chaos but we won't talk about that :)

 Dani and Abby thought that it was fun to pull the drawer out, crawl under it and read or play together. I found them doing this many times and I thought that it was pretty sweet!
 Why did we get bunk beds???
 Silly faces!

 My first thought when Dani came in to me like this was.... YIKES! but then she told me that she was a momma KANGAROO!! She's brilliant, that's all I have to say.
 Emily is quite the demanding child when she wakes up in the morning. She comes in to our room scowling and growling "EAT!" then she whines "see-all" (cereal)  she's pretty happy once we get her that bowl of cereal!

 Heston gave me Wicked tickets for Christmas and his mom watched the girls so we could go to Tucson and watch it! It was amazing!

 Our two little suckers! Emily...addicted to pacifier. Abby....addicted to her thumb and tickling her ear with hair.
Emily LOVES baby dolls! She loves to take care of them, change their diapers, put them down for naps, and make lots of messes.
Grandma and Papa took the girls to see "Tangled" in the theatre!
Daddy's girls!
The girls love to read with Grandma Welker!

 Dani helped our new neighbor Beth chop up tomatoes so she could can them.
Dani ready for school in the skirt that Grandma Colorado made her for Christmas.
 Abby and Dani love wearing their skirts from Grandma.
 Daddy was so exhausted from working on the house. This is what happened every time that he "put the girls down"
The girls all came in one morning all dressed for the day. They were pretty proud of themselves!


Maranda Whittle said...

Wow, you blogged! I almost gave up on you! Very cute pics, I always love your cute posts!

Amy said...

Love the pic of Dani with braids, I need to do Aubrey's hair like that more often. Cute Pics!