Sunday, September 5, 2010

The rest of July

swim diaper - head!
Abby dancing in a toilet seat skirt!
Abby has been so difficult to get to sleep lately. She would just play around in her room for hours and sneak out to get things. When she was finally ready to go to sleep we would usually find her in Dani's twin bed with her - holding her hair and sucking her thumb. This is how she fell asleep almost every night until we put them together in a queen bed. 

Abby feeling Dustin's silky locks.
Dani's art work. Panties are always the finishing touch now, and she always has to take a picture. Hey, it keeps her entertained while I cook and do dishes. Totally worth it!
Taking a magical pink bath. The food coloring always pulls through on those nights when they are refusing to bathe.

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Dani is getting so big! I love her fist day of school pictures. I also love Abby's toilet seat skirt. Ha-ha that's fun.