Friday, August 28, 2009

Princess Tea Party at Grandma's House!

Grandma invited the girls to her house for a "tea party" She told them that she wanted them to dress up in their princess dresses and that she was coming to pick them up! They were so excited! They watched a new princess movie that Grandma bought...... Then they colored on the new table that Grandma bought......
Then they had "tea" and cookies! They talked about it for weeks to follow!
And she even took pictures for the crazy picture - loving mom :)
Thank you Grandma! You are such a fun Grandma - our girls are so lucky!

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Amber H. said...

That is seriously the CUTEST thing! How fun to have such a great grandma to do stuff like that with her grandkids, and every girls dream to have a princess party! So cute Ü