Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big parade!

We went to the "fair weekend parade??" last friday. Abby loved watching all of the floats go by, she and I collected lots of the candy that they threw to us. I ate a ton of candy, Abby chewed holes in the packages and we saved a little bit to share with Dani. Dani got to ride on a rhino with Heston's cousins Houston and Halie and their daughter's Talley and Kiersten. Afterward she said "I waved to the people and I got a popcicle!" I think that she had fun.


Maranda Whittle said...

I was still in Illinois, so I missed the parade here! Dylan got to be in it and had a lot of fun, so that's al that matters!

the Painters said...

I want a girl...but only if she would be as stinkin' cute as your little angels. And congrats on your new little bean baking in the oven!

The Haban Family said...

Today Amy Lunt said you had a blog and I found it!!! :o)

Don't you love the small town parades?! They're so much fun!