Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun in the snow!

Connie, Alex and Emma came to visit us! We had so much fun with them. Dani loved playing with Alex and she loved bossing Emma around. (Don't mind the Yoga picture above our fire place, We were just seeing how the frame would look there :)
Emma konked out within 5 minutes of being out in the snow.
Dani and Alex are making their masterpiece!
Dani wanted to hug the snowman. Can you tell that Alex and Dani picked out the rocks for the eyes?
After several days of snow we had a great view out of our sliding glass door and bedroom window!

Dani kept taking the nowe off. I think that she wanted to eat it.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

The nowe or nose? How fun that Connie came and saw you. It looks like the kids enjoyed the snow and Dani is having fun with friends visiting. As for the know you love the yoga lady:) And oh yeah that's it I am coming to play in the snow too!

Jami said...

You have the prettiest views from your house! And I love the snowman making fun. I am feeling a little chilly just looking at it though. I may need to get a blanket before checking your page again. HA HA. :0)

P.S. YOU are one hot mama, Melissa!