Sunday, July 22, 2007

Red White and Blue!

Dani and Sophie celebrated Pioneer day with our Stake at a barbeque. They are very patriotic!

Danielle loves our daily trips to the mailbox. She could stand at the mailbox trying to figure out all of the keys for hours. She loves saying "key" and trying to put it in all of the holes. She also loves to sit on the porch on her little chair while her mom blows bubbles and then she chases them. Sometimes she gets bored with the bubbles and starts pushing her chair around the porch. She thinks up some pretty exciting games.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

Dani is DARLING! I just love her and she's so cute and patriotic:)

Courtney said...

Dani is so cute! I saw your blog on Sarah's....I am glad we get to keep up on your family in Flagstaff now! Congrats on the new little girl!

Jamie said...

Hey, I as well saw your blog from Sarah. You gotta keep us in the loop girl. Could Dani be any prettier. Seriously, that is trouble. Congrats on the next girl. I voted for Bailey. I have a neice named Bailey and she is gorgeous and would fit into your family. It's too cute.